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Global Morpho Pharma

A highly reliable partner for GMP radiopharmaceuticals

Global Morpho Pharma SAS is a French company created early 2018 that aims at developing, distributing and selling radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) quality for the benefit of the patients and the expanding nuclear medicine industry. Global Morpho Pharma intends to become one of the major suppliers of pharmaceutical grade doses of radiolabeled compounds for the pharmaceutical industry. The abbreviated name of the company, GMP stands as well as for Good Manufacturing Practices and points clearly to its major aims: Quality, Reliability, Sustainability.

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The Blue Morpho (Morpho menelaus) is not only one of the largest butterflies, but a symbol of beauty, perfection and freedom and its iridescent metallic blue wings link directly with the only visible way to recognize radioactivity, namely the blue color of the Cherenkov Effect.

Global Morpho Pharma believes in the important short term growth of the radiotheranostic market at a worldwide level. The company selected a few radionuclides of interest for which existing sources have not yet guaranteed worldwide supply when radiolabeled drugs addressing larger indications will reach the market. There is largely room for several players active in this field, but Global Morpho Pharma took in account that major customers in this field (pharmaceutical companies as new comers) will always need access to at least two totally independent suppliers for their final product. Global Morpho Pharma is presently building a network of centers covering the entire supply chain, from the original target to the pharmaceutical grade radionuclide for human use, eventually to the final ready-to-use drug. This network includes for each step backup solutions in both the US and EU to avoid rupture of supply in case of maintenance or temporary shutdowns.

The Team

An outstanding founding team

Six experts of the nuclear medicine field came together with a common vision about the future of radiotherapeutics and radiotheranostics. With its cumulated century experience in the area this group identified the needs for the pharmaceutical industry and anticipated the very fast growth of the this modality. Ahead of developing a new drug it is even more important to guarantee access to the larger amounts of raw material needed to produce such drugs. Success of this industry is intimately linked with manufacturing quality, product availability and distribution reliability. The radionuclide and radiopharmaceutical production is one of the most complex and regulated industry in the world, but this industry is now mature. When specialists from the radiopharmaceutical industry, nuclear equipment manufacturing, business development, legal and financial, and well-known locally implanted suppliers join to create a new company in their own expertise, it can only lead to an outstanding, very reactive and success-driven team. Their extensive network allowed to select the best team members for implementing the concept and running the company for the benefit of patients.

The board

Pierre-Marie Lemer - Global Morpho Pharma

In 1995, Pierre-Marie-Lemer became Managing Director of Lemer Pax, a company founded in 1970. He has been President of the firm since 2005. As an industrial technology specialist, Lemer Pax employs 75 people across two facilities. The company has been a partner of France’s Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) since its creation. Lemer Pax conceives, designs and manufactures innovative radioprotection solutions for use in the fields of medicine, scientific research, industry and nuclear protection. A historic leader in the French nuclear medicine sector, Lemer Pax is the first company in the world to have designed and developed a mobile unit for the preparation and injection of high energy radiopharmaceuticals.
With over 70 patents registered in the past four years, under Pierre-Marie Lemer’s guidance Lemer Pax has become the world’s leading source of innovation in the field of radioprotection.

Pierre-Marie Lemer
Founder - Chairman
Richard-Zimmermann - Global Morpho Pharma

Richard Zimmermann is a chemistry engineer, PhD in Organic Chemistry (Strasbourg), who spent 15 years working in R&D with the Conventional Pharmaceutical Industry with Beecham (cardiology) later Solvay Pharma (immunology, gastroenterology) before joining in 1998 the Radiopharmaceutical Industry as R&D Director with CISbio international (Saclay). He was also in charge of building the European PET/FDG manufacturing network for CIS/IBA and VP BD for IBA Molecular.
Since 2012, he works for his own consulting company, Chrysalium, specialized in radiopharmaceuticals industrialization. He is cofounder of MEDraysintell, president of the Oncidium Foundation, initiator of rad4med.be, president of ANMI and interim GM of Global Morpho Pharma.

Richard Zimmermann
Founder - Board Member
Valérie Chevreul - Global Morpho Pharma

Valérie Chevreul graduated from a Business School and a Superior Financial Diploma. She started her career as a financial auditor in chartered accountants & legal auditors firms in Halifax (England) and Paris. After this experience, she worked four years as internal auditor for Total Exploration & Production in the Hague (The Netherlands).
In 2007, she integrated Lemer Pax company as financial & human resources manager, very quickly she became general manager and then shareholder. She is also one of the founder member of Global Morpho Pharma.

Valérie Chevreul
Founder - Corporate Secretary
Dmitryi Linchevsky - Global Morpho Pharma

Dmitriy Linchevsky graduated from Hofstra University, Business computer information system, and started his work with marketing researches eventually moved to the area of high-technology equipment markets. He was working as CFO of Komfinservice company from 2001.
After 2007 Dmitry came to the conclusion that nuclear technologies area is one of the most promising spheres with a growing number of applications and came with the initiative to start work with radiation protection equipment, equipment for nuclear medicine and research and developments in hot cells equipping. Now he is developing this area.

Dmitriy Linchevsky
Founder - Head representative (Moscow)

Alexander Lintchevsky graduated from Tashkent Institute of Engineers of Rail Transport, the Faculty of Construction of Railways, Bridges and Tunnels. He, as an engineer, worked in large-scale construction projects. Later he was the owner of commercial structures in the spheres of construction, construction machinery and high-technology equipment.
Today he owns several companies working in the spheres of electrical equipment, innovative technical developments, equipment for nuclear production and nuclear medicine.

Alexander Linchevsky
Founder - Board Member
Peter Baeten
Board Member

The team

François Zimmermann
François Zimmermann
Board Member - Chief Executive Officer
Zarema Bersanova
Zarema Bersanova
Sales Assistant
Charlotte Bébin - Global Morpho Pharma
Charlotte Bébin
Marketing Director
Pierre Hubert
Marketing & Communication Project Manager
Lidwine Lardiere - Global Morpho Pharma
Lidwine Lardiere
Office Angel
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