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Global Morpho Pharma SAS is a French company created early 2018 that aims at developing, manufacturing, distributing and selling radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) quality for the benefit of the patients and the expanding nuclear medicine industry. Global Morpho Pharma intends to become one of the major suppliers of pharmaceutical grade doses of therapeutic radiolabeled compounds for the pharmaceutical industry.


In the therapeutic field Global Morpho Pharma anticipates very soon a massive need for high quality pharmaceutical grade radionuclides from alternative sources such as :

Lutetium-177 is a radioactive atom emitting beta particles (in other words electrons) and has the potential to destroy cells over a distance up to one millimeter in average. 177Lu has a half-life of 6.7 days and the quality of the product provided by the company is only non-carrier added (nca), meaning high specific activity and non-contamination with the long half-life impurity 177mLu.

Actinium-225 is a radioactive element emitting alpha particles (more than 7,000 times the size and weight of an electron) that has the potential to ionize strongly, and therefore destroy, over a distance of about the thickness of six cells. When combined with a vector targeting tumor cells, it will be able to kill efficiently but only over a short distance. 225Ac has a half-life of 9.91 days.

These sources need to be qualified and approved by the major authorities in the world and this process is under progress.


SNMMI 2019 – Booth 565: Global Morpho Pharma and Spectron RX team up in Anaheim

The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI), a leading global force in the nuclear medicine community, will be hosting its 2019 edition of its annual congress in Anaheim, California from 22nd-25th June. A perfect opportunity for Global Morpho Pharma and its trusted Spectron RX to join forces under the same aegis. In fact, […]

SCK•CEN joins Global Morpho Pharma’s network and announces collaboration with IRE ELiT

Mol (Belgium), Nantes (France) and Fleurus (Belgium), 8 October 2018 The Belgian Nuclear Research Center (SCK•CEN) and Global Morpho Pharma today announced that they have signed a memorandum of understanding relative to the production and distribution of Good Manufacturing Practice grade therapeutics medical radionuclides. Under the terms of the agreement, SCK•CEN will join Global Morpho […]

Global Morpho Pharma introduced to the world at EANM 18

The annual EANM gathering (European Association of Nuclear Medicine) is widely acknowledged as the world’s most important nuclear medicine conference. This was the global stage chosen by Global Morpho Pharma for its first introduction to the world’s nuclear medicine community, in the presence of the group’s partners and team of experts. GMP unveiled its strategy to […]

Global Morpho Pharma and Spectron partner for GMP therapeutic radionuclide supply in the US

This year’s annual congress of the SNMMI (Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging), held in June in Philadelphia, was Global Morpho Pharma’s first appearance at an international event. To mark the occasion, the company finalised a new partnership deal with Spectron LLC. Spectron will thus become our primary partner in a new international structure […]

Founders team

The core founding members of Global Morpho Pharma SAS include Dmitriy and Alexander Lintchevsky from the Russian company Komfins Service LLC, Pierre Marie Lemer, Valerie Chevreul and Xavier Gandillot from the French company Lemer Pax and Richard Zimmermann, from the French company Chrysalium Consulting.

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