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Global Morpho Pharma is a turnkey technology and service provider for the production and distribution of medical radioisotopes. We are developing innovative equipment and building efficient supply chains to enable our partners worldwide to manufacture or source nca Lu-177 and other radioisotopes of interest. We are dedicated to improving the accessibility and supply security of medical radioisotopes for the benefit of patients by providing convenient solutions to the rapidly expanding nuclear medicine ecosystem.


In the therapeutic field Global Morpho Pharma anticipates very soon a massive need for high quality pharmaceutical grade radionuclides from alternative sources such as :

nca Lutetium-177 is the most widely used radionuclide for targeted cancer radiotherapy. It is the active substance of 177Lu-PSMA-617 and more than 150 clinical-stage therapeutic drug developments across multiple cancer indications.

Actinium-225 is currently the most sought-after radioisotope for alphatherapy. It is present in the therapeutic pipeline of many up-and-coming radiopharmaceutical companies

Terbium-161 has garnered great interest in nuclear medicine due to its complementarity with other radiosotopes of the Terbium family. In contrast to 177Lu, 161Tb yields a significant number of short-ranging Auger/conversion electrons.

Our solutions

Set up your medical radioisotope production

using our turnkey technology and service offer

Source your medical radioisotopes

from our global network of partners

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